Laura Andrew


Laura Andrew is a Lincolnshire artist and illustrator.
With a Degree in Graphic Design and a specialism in Natural History Illustration, Laura works from her studio in Lincolnshire, in the field or from her boat on the river.
Her artwork can be extremely detailed showing every hair or feather. Equally it can be more painterly, where a single brushstroke captures the movement and essence of the subject – creating a fleeting glimpse, as more often seen in the field.
This versatility has allowed Laura to work commercially, produce successful exhibitions, and write her own picture books.

‘As a child I accompanied my father on shooting trips. My day would be spent in a ‘hide’ camouflaged in a hedgerow – colouring books and felt tipped pens were my companions.
This is where my combined love for wildlife and art began.
Nowadays, I love spending time on the river, getting close to water birds and their nests – observing their personalities and behaviour.
To be able to successfully capture a wildlife subject it is essential to have heard it, seen it and experienced its habitat close hand..’